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Output Manager - Recommended Anti Virus exclusions

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Recommended Exclusions for Antivirus Software when used with Output Manager


Output Manager:

If Output Manager is installed on the C: drive, the following folders need to be excluded. If Output Manager is installed to different drive(s) please use the listings below as an example and adjust appropriately.

<C:\Program Files\NSi\Output Manager\>

<C:\FileStore> (<\\serverName\OmFileStore>) this folder is likely a shared folder.  If there are multiple Output Manager file stores, all are listed in the Output Manger Console > Administration > System Health > Document file stores grid.  All file store folders/shares should be excluded.

Any folders that are watched by Output Manager; these would be folders defined in Output Manager sources (Network Folder and FTP types).


Microsoft Windows Printing:



Microsoft SQL Server:

The SQL server folders need to be excluded from the virus scan.


Device Registration Service:

<C:\Program Files (x86)\NSi\Device Registration Service folder>