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Output Manager License Download and Activation

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Download the Output Manager License File
  1. Log into the Web License Portal
  2. Select a Product 'NSi Output Manager' or 'Barr EOM'
  3. Select 'Proceed to License Activation'
  4. Select 'Click Here' under License Download
  5. Select the Product, enter the LicenseKey and select GetLicense
    1. Note: You will see a pop up when the download is complete. Save the file to a safe location.

Install the license file using the Output Manager License Wizard
  1. In the NSi Output Manager Console navigation pane, select the AdministrationApplication.

  2. In the navigation pane, click ManageLicense.This displays the Manage License Utility in the right panel.

  3. Click LicenseWizard button.This opens the License Wizard, select Next

  4. In the License Operation dialog box, select Installandactivate a new license, and click Next
  5. Select the radio button next to Install License Manually.ᅠ

    1. Browse to the license file and select Next. The license will be loaded. Follow the screen prompts.

To perform custom DBM activation manually

This method allows you to choose the NSi Output Manager components you want to activate and activate the license manually. Use this method if you do not have an Internet connection.ᅠ

  1. In the Activate License dialog box, select Custom DBM activation and click Next.

  2. On the Custom DBM Activation dialog box, select the components you want to activate.

  3. On a computer that is connected to the Internet, open Internet Explorer and browse to the NSi Web Licenseᅠweb page.

  4. Enter the License Key, Version and HardwareCode

  1. In the Hardware Code box, enter the value from the Hardware Code column on the Custom DBM Activation dialog box.ᅠ

  • Click Get Code

  • Copy the activation code and paste into the Activation Code column in the Custom DBM Activation dialogᅠbox.ᅠThis will need to be pasted into the row that corresponds to the Hardware Code

  • Click Next.ᅠA selection confirmation will display saying which NSi Output Manager DBM components were selected and the

    activation method.

  • Click Next.The activation confirmation will display.

  • Click Next, and then click Finish.ᅠIn the Manage License Utility, verify the License Status shows the license is activated with the proper version number.

Output Manager Specifications

OM Version

  • 2.27.29


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