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Device Registration Service - Collecting logs

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How to collect logs for the Device Registration Service?

DRS logs can be useful when troubleshooting.  To collect logs from DRS, they first must be enabled.

Enable DRS logs by the following steps:

1.     From the start menu, launch Device Configuration Manager.

2.     Click Administration.

3.     Check Enable Tracing for both Web Service Logging and Web Client Logging.

4.     Click OK, and the DRS service will restart.

Once the issue has been replicated, collect DRS logs:

1.     Browse to the DRS installation directory. By default, DRS is installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Nuance\Device Registration Service\

2.     Zip the Log directory.

3.     Start any DRS services that were stopped during the process.

Disable the DRS logs by unchecking the "Enable Tracing" option.