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Output Manager: Legacy client encounters "error 13 : Cannot Get Special Device ID" message

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Problem Statement:

The legacy Output Manager client (previously called NSI unified client) encounters the message "Error 13 - cannot get special device Id"


The special device error occurs when either the application finds either zero or more than one matching devices in the Output Manager database. This can occur when either the device is not configured correctly or when devices are incorrectly moved and duplicate IP addresses or serial numbers exist in the database.


Verify The Device Configuration

  1. Open the Devices application in the Output Manager console
  2. Select the desired device and right-click and select configure
  3. Click on the details tab
  4. Make sure that the embedded client type is correct and that the Unified Client tab is checked
  5. Click apply and then Ok

Remove Duplicate Devices and Destinations

  1. Identify devices that encounter the problem
  2. Navigate to the destinations Application in the console
  3. Select all documents in the spooled table and delete. Also delete documents in the retained tab as well
  4. Navigate to the Administration Application and select Manage Device
  5. Click on the OM Devices Tab and select the devices you wish to remove.
  6. Click the demote button. The device will then disappear
  7. Now click on the Unused devices tab
  8. Select and then delete the desired device.

Add the previously removed device

  1. In the Manage Devices Application Click Detect
  2. Select IP range and use the IP address of the desired device
  3. After detected, select the new device choose promote making sure to also create a destination

Additional steps (if needed)

If the above steps do not work please contact Nuance support for advanced troubleshooting