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Output Manager Job Notifications

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Output Manager Job Notifications

Problem Statement:

Sometimes when jobs are processing and your not able to be at the console you may need to be notified of a document having an error which could cause print production to slow down or possibly stop.


This process will allow a user to configure a profile that will notify them of activity in Output Manager occurring when they are away from the OM Console but can be reached by E-mail

  1. Right click on a Source and select Configure
  2. Click on the More Settings tab and then at the bottom under Assign Notifications Profile click on New.
  3. Type a name in the top box then click to the right on the small box that says Add. Click on the small arrow to the right of the box.
  4. From the drop down menu choose an option for this example lets choose "Document In Error State"
  5. In the next window that pops up it will say send notification via "Email Message" using Profile. You can select a users profile for their e-mail account
  6. Select Add to the right hand side of the next window down and it will pop up another window with the option to select users and groups. From here you can choose the user to receive the notification e-mails.
  7. After selecting the user click OK, click OK again on the next window, select Apply, select OK and then back on the configuration window click apply once more then OK.

You have successfully created a new notifications profile that will e-mail a user when a document hits an error state in Output manager.