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Unable to load license: Exception loading license:Certificate chain doesn't verify. (Message ID:2005)

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Unable to load license: Exception loading license:Certificate chain doesn't verify.[Message ID:2005]

Problem Statement:

During the installation of the Output Manager license file the following error occurs:

Error loading license

Unable to load license: Exception loading license:

Certificate chain doesn't verify.[Message ID:2005]


The server does not have Internet access where the server can verify the certificate with its Certificate Authority.


There are two resolutions for the certificate chain not to verify:

  1. If this is the first time on this server the license file has attempted to load try installing the license again. Sometimes the certificate loads after the initial attempt. From the error message:
  • Click OK-     Reopen the License Wizard from the Administration - Manage License grid by clicking the License Wizard button
  • Select the license file as before
  • Click Next
  • The license file should load and display in the small grid the license parameters and quantities associated with that license parameter.
  • The license should then install and activate via: Using the Web license portal

If the license does not load and has the same error then the certificates need to be installed manually on the system. Follow the steps in the next section.

  1. How to manually install the certificates needed for Output Manager to install and activate a license.
    • Using Windows Explorer browse to either folder: C:\Program Files\NSi\Output Manger\Console #.#.#.# C:\Program Files\NSi\Output Manger\Services\DBM
    • The two certificate files are: - VeriSignClass3PublicPrimaryCertificateAuthority-G5.cer - VeriSignClass3CodeSigning2010CA.cer -------   NOTE: The two GoDaddy (gdナ) certificates do not need to be installed. If they are installed it does not affect the licensing process. Just the two VeriSignナ certificates need to be installed.
    •  Using Windows Explorer browse to either folder:      C:\Program Files\NSi\Output Manger\Console #.#.#.#      C:\Program Files\NSi\Output Manger\Services\DBM
    • Locate the two VeriSign certificate (.cer) files
    • Right click on one of the VeriSign certificate files
    • Choose Install Certificate
    • Select Local Machine at the Welcome to the Certificate Import Wizard (this is only selectable in Windows Server 2012 versions not in Windows Server 2008 versions. Continue with the steps below with either version of the operating system.)
    • Click  Next
    • Click Yes at the User Account Control
    • Leave the default selection Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate
    • Click Next
    • Click Finish
    • Waitナ Certificate Import Wizard - The import was successful
    • Follow the above steps and install the other VeriSign certificate.
    • Note: The Output Manager services do Not need to be restarted
    • Open the Output Manager Console and install the license file and activate the license.