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Paperport support for windows 11

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Does Paperport support windows 11?



With the release of Microsoft's Windows 11 Operating System on October 5, 2021,

the current paperport version was tested and deemed to fully support this new generation of the Microsoft operating system


  • Kofax Paperport Professional or Standard v14.7



The following products, please be aware the listed requirements are Windows 10-compliant only when Microsoft released 29 July 2015

and will continue to work if the operating system is upgraded, but we do recommend contacting kofax sales and technical support to check eligibility for an upgrade

(as well as older Nuance branded releases)


  • PaperPort 14.5 with Patch 1.
  • Paperport 14.6



Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Paperport Standard 14.5 STD Windows  
Paperport Professional / Enterprise 14.5 PRO Windows  
Paperport Standard 14.6 STD Windows  
Paperport Professional / Enterprise 14.6 PRO Windows  
Kofax Paperport Standard 14.7 STD Windows  
Kofax Paperport Professional / Enterprise 14.7 PRO Windows  


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Article # 3046497
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