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What should I do when I exceed PaperPort activations?

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What should I do when I exceed PaperPort activations?


Kofax software includes an activation component as a protection feature in all of our products. Product activation helps prevent software piracy and ensures that you receive a fully functional software product when purchasing any of our productivity solutions.

Product activation is an anonymous and secure process designed to promote only licensed use of our software. Today most software that is installed on new computer hardware will require activation. In some instances, pre-installed software may be activated at the factory before delivery to the end user.

Activation is a straightforward process, it only requires an internet connection and does not request or transfer any of your personal information.

Activations Exceeded:

If you have received a message that the number of allowed activations have been exceeded, the license key for the software may have been used on the maximum number of configurations.  If you are unsure, please follow Part 1:

Part 1: Manually Activate the software:

  1. When launching the Kofax software, a prompt will appear for activation.  Select the "Activate Now" option, then "Activate Manually".
  2. From the manual activation dialog, click on the link to navigate to the "Manual Activation" website:
  3. Verify that the manual activation website contains the serial number and machine fingerprint.
  4. Click "generate key".
  • If a key is generated, copy/paste the key into the manual activation dialog.
  • If a key is not generated and the message says, "exceeded activations", please follow the steps in Part 2.

Part 2: Contact Kofax Customer Service:

  1. Login to the Kofax Support Portal -
  2. From the homepage, click on the "Cases" dropdown, and select “New Case”.
  3. Fill out the required fields in the form, making sure to provide the following details:
    • Contact information.
    • Product Serial Number.
    • Product Version and Edition.
    • Subject: Request for activation increase.
    • Reason for requesting an additional activation.
  4. After providing all of the required information, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.
  5. A preliminary response to your question may appear, providing potential answers to your question.
  6. Click the "Finish Submitting Question" button.

Based on the details provided a Customer Service Agent will review your request. 

Note: The number of product activation's allowed is determined by the software's End User License Agreement (EULA). Please review the EULA when installing the software to make sure you understand the terms of the agreement.  For multi-license purchases, please refer to your sales agreement.



Article # 3016536