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After deploying power PDF with an network customized package disabling the signing feature, administrator would like to re enable this silently

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In our MST, Sign and Certify features were disabled and this installed of the customized power PDF got pushed out to many users

However, after deploying it out now the request is that some of our VIP users want these features to be re-enabled.


Is there way to do this without going through the wizard to reconfigure that requiring the user re-install it in an enterprise volume deployment?

This additionally is a challenge with standard users to the windows PCs where power PDF is installed currently.




Yes, not within our product documentation but there is a method to restore a hidden functionality of the 'sign and certify tools'

there is master file that power PDF uses called the product config that is customized when a power PDF installation has variables set to turn off

the ability to use the sign and certify tools on the ribbon.


This is set on one system in the product config.ini ->

DIGSIGN=1 (indicates digital signing enabled)


if it is turned off like in the above scenerio it will be a zero. With power PDF closed simply edit the below file to set this to a "1" in C:\ProgramData\Kofax\PDF\PowerPDF\Preferences\ProductConfig.ini


This file then can be pushed out to all users at time of log in via supporting user profile scripting methods available for the platform to make the change.


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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Power PDF 3.x ADV Windows  
Kofax Power PDF  4.x ADV Windows  
Kofax Power PDF 5.x ADV Windows  


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Article # 3048297
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