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Autonomy iManage / Interwoven / DeskSite / WorkSite Edit App Setup Entry for Power PDF

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Autonomy iManage/Interwoven/WorkSite Edit App Setup Entry for Power PDF


Power PDF supports the following versions of iManage:

  • Desksite/FileSite 9.3
  • Desksite/Filesite 9.5
  • iManage 10.1
  • iManage 10.2



This article provides information on configuring the Edit App Setup Entry for Power PDF when using Autonomy iManage/Interwoven/WorkSite in the environment as the document manangement system

Correct server setup is crucial to proper functionality. Power PDF must be configured on the server for PDF files to launch properly. The WorkSite administrator will need to create an "edit app setup entry" on the WorkSite server using the following settings:

  • Name: Specified by WorkSite Administrator.
    • For example: "Power PDF 2.0".
  • Path: Must point to the "NuancePDF.exe" file located in the installation\bin directory of Power PDF after it has been installed.

Note: The default path would be "C:\Program Files\Kofax\Power PDF 31\bin\NuancePDF.exe" on a 32-bit system or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Kofax\Power PDF 31\bin\NuancePDF.exe" on a 64-bit system

Type: Specified by WorkSite Administrator, it is hardcoded to work with ACROBAT which is built into imanage

    • For example: "PPDF".
  • Primary Application: Specified by WorkSite Administrator - this option is used to decide which application is used if there are two App Setup Entries for the same Type.
  • Note: If a user has both programs setup for a file type installed on their machine and they try to open that file from the WorkSite/FileSite or work10 desktop lient, the program with the Edit App Setup Entry set as the Primary Application will be used to open the file.
  • Integration Mode: Non-Integrated.
  • DDE Specifications: N/A. DDE specifications are not followed by Power PDF.

The Edit App Setup Entry has now been successfully configured, in imanage 10 this is configured in file handlers on IMCC when logged in as the NRT admin.


Be sure when installing the software on the workstations to include the "iManage Work" connector under Integration options when running the custom setup wizard, and include this when creating customized deployment Power PDF packages and transform files to ensure the iManage connector is installed is able to interface with the iManage desktop client to integrate inside of Power PDF properly and thus able to open and save to and from the DMS.