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How to prepopulate the word conversion settings in the kofax ribbon in advance for a network deployment of power PDF

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When planning to create a new package with the aim to roll out power PDF software silently and set up user customizations:

the question came up since we have options in the kofax ribbon in Word, in the ribbon integration and it was not documented where these are stored


How to select the boxes next to all these three options, for bookmark creation and then select this for all users without manually checking them?

"Convert Word Headings to Bookmarks"
"Convert Word Styles to Bookmarks"
"Convert Word Bookmarks"




Regarding Kofax 4.1 customizations:

in Word, we have power PDF settings which can be configured for the creation settings that set the 'create PDF' quality and configuration.
In the bookmarks tab the settings are not stored in the user's registry but at the roaming profile location below; this can be copy/pasted to all users that require the settings preselected

  • C:\Users\%account%\AppData\Roaming\Kofax\PDF\PDFWord\PDFExport.Config


Within this file, when comparing the configuration you will notice when making adjustments to the checkboxes,

the values below word bookmarks will update in the configuration file.



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Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Power PDF 4.x ADV Windows  
Power PDF 5.x ADV Windows  


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Article # 3048576
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