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How to preserve document content with markups and tracked changes in Word when converting to PDF

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Power PDF offers many ways to convert a word document to a PDF file. The specific challenge is that the client wants to convert tracked changes, red line markups, and non- finalized content when converting, wishing it include a PDF file, and maintaining the elements.

Currently, if a user clicks on the Kofax ribbon for Power PDF, within Word clicking to ‘create pdf’ what actually will happen to the document content in Word, containing the track changes, is that they are automatically accepted and appear as black text in the output PDF; which is not as it appears to the user on the screen.


The output when creating a PDF involves the print process which results in Word discarding markups and accepting tracked changes.


The behavior is by design in Power PDF since the integration was created within the MS office applications. We automatically accept tracked changes when converting them and they appear black in the output PDF document. Based on user feedback, an enhancement request has been placed to the product management team to have this changed in a future version of Power PDF. To align the output with the workaround we have below:


Procedure to follow - From Word

1) Open the word document

2) Click File > Export > Create Kofax PDF > Select 'Create Kofax PDF' button

3) On the Save As windows select 'Options..." Change the 'Export what' option to 'Document with markup' and click ok

4) Save the output PDF file and it will preserve the necessary markup’s and tracked changes and links maintained



Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Power PDF 3.1   Windows  
Kofax Power PDF 4.0   Windows  


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Article # 3032806
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