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Without the ability to use a mouse, on a surface tablet how do I annotate a PDF using a Stylus ?

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Without the ability to use a mouse, on a surface tablet how do I copy text and annotate a PDF using a Stylus ?




Please see the attached document 'Stylus use" for the steps with screen captures that can guide you on the stylus use of power PDF

  • Go to Customize Quick Access Tool Bar / More Commands
  • Add Active Markup and Draw Tools and Touch/Mouse Mode if they are not there.
  • Open up a PDF document to be marked up.
  • Change the Touch/Mouse mode to Touch.
  • Go to the Text Markup Tool and select Text Markup Tool. (Also selectable under Comments tab)
  • Go to the Draw Tools and Select Pencil. (Also selectable under Comments tab)
  • Select the color and size of the line from the box on the document.
  • Draw with the Stylus. Close the dialog box and save the new document.


This is how power PDF is designed to be more touch aware and these steps will work on any version of Power PDF higher than 2x



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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Power PDF 3.x ADV and STD Windows  
Power PDF 4.x ADV and STD Windows  


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Article # 3047503