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Power PDF 2.0 - How to set up Surface tablet for stylus use

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How to set up Power PDF 2.0 for Stylus use on Surface Tablet

Please see the attached document for the steps with screen captures.

  • Go to Customize Quick Access Tool Bar / More Commands
  • Add Active Markup and Draw Tools and Touch/Mouse Mode if they are not there.
  • Open up a PDF document to be marked up.
  • Change the Touch/Mouse mode to Touch.
  • Go to the Text Markup Tool and select Text Markup Tool. (Also selectable under Comments tab)
  • Go to the Draw Tools and Select Pencil. (Also selectable under Comments tab)
  • Select the color and size of the line from the box on the document.
  • Draw with the Stylus. Close the dialog box and save the new document.


Stylus Use.docx (281 KB)