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Kofax Power PDF Advanced - How to perform a clean uninstall and install the latest version

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The following steps can be used to perform a clean uninstall of Kofax Power PDF Advanced and install the latest release of the same software.  It requires downloading the appropriate version and running the Remover.exe tool that is included with it.

To download the Power PDF:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click + Add Software on the top menu
  3. Enter your Power PDF license in the serial number field
  4. Click the + Add Software button at the bottom
  5. Click Downloads on the top menu 
  6. Locate and download the .zip or .exe file whose naming corresponds to your version of Power PDF
  7. Agree to the terms or the license agreement and Proceed to Download
  8. Uninstall Nuance Power PDF Advanced from Control Panel > Programs and Features
  9. Run the downloaded package with the option When done unzipping open .\Setup.exe unchecked
  10. Run the executable file remover.exe from the extracted Tools folder
  11. From the extracted package run Setup.exe executable file within Administrator rights to install again
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