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Power PDF Advanced 2.1 - Error 1913 during installation

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Problem Statement:

When installing Power PDF Advanced, the following error is displayed:

Error 1913.Could not update the INI file C:\ProgramData\Nuance\PDF\NuancePDF\Preferences\ProductConfig.ini.  Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

Options:     Retry          Cancel

Near the end of the Power PDF install, the error is displayed.  Hitting "Retry", just keeps cycling the error message.  Hitting "Cancel" cause the installation to roll back.

Potential causes to check:

-  Permissions.

-  Anti-virus applications.

-  It is not a user profile issue.

-  The installer is not corrupt.

-  The prerequisites were installed.


-  When the error is displayed, navigate to C:\ProgramData\Nuance\PDF\NuancePDF\Preferences\

-  Delete the ProductConfig.ini file.

-  Select "Retry".

-  The file should be recreated, and the installation will complete.