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Power PDF v5 30 days grace period appears when performing an command line silent install using the legacy serial number

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When installing power PDF Power PDF v5 TS has been made aware that commands used for silent deployments in prior versions of Power PDF are now leading to an new issue regarding changes in our default activation methods used, which can result after deployment where the help and about screen in power PDF, or the ribbon interface can display grace activation period(s) after the software has been installed. 

After the installation we are left with a 30 days grace period which can eventually expire in some time,
This has been replicated using a serial number syntax using IXS_Serialnum.

Not working command example:
MSIEXEC.EXE /i "Kofax Power PDF Advanced.msi" ISX_SERIALNUM="AV09Z-Kxx-xxxx-xxxx-xx" ACTMODE=”Serial” /QB+


The issue is seen because the 30 days grace appears when the serial number has been chosen for legacy S/N activation mode, 
 in the help/about window of the installed PPDF v5.0



By default in power PDF v5.0, the kofax KCS licensing server method of activation is used by default and when defining a serial number, via command line and not using a transform file it means that the activation legacy serial is not actually applied; because the syntax is incorrect.  Our documentation should provide examples but this below was not included which will resolve the issue



Uninstall Power PDF from the machine, and redeploy with adjusted syntax to add the activation type required and the installation will complete as expected.


MSIEXEC.EXE /i "Kofax Power PDF Advanced.msi" ACTMODE="SN" ISX_SERIALNUM="AV09Z-xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xx" /QB+ 


If you have deployed Power PDF to user profiles or physical systems already in place with this issue, after a command line deployment you can skip the scripted reinstallation solution approach, and instead please open a case and contact kofax technical support for a workaround patch designed to correct this in place to affected installations.


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Power PDF 5.x ADV Windows  


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Article # 3048700