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When applying fixpacks to power PDF 4.1 with the imanage10 connector settings checked end up becoming lost and cleared

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When applying fixpacks to an existing power PDF 4.1 installation with the imanage10 connector settings set; users found that they

end up becoming lost and cleared unlike in the below screenshot.

the case was raised - how can we preserve them?


iManage10 settings reset when updating fixpacks.JPG




Prior kofax versions would save these settings within the xml formatted file called user.config; stored in the local appdata in the user profile in an specific path.

(found at %LocalAppData\Kofax\DefaultDomain_Path_1fq231jq4faj4l2nz4lqn23nexrast22\ when updating from FixPack


Kofax R&D understood the challenges with Maintaining these settings between physical and virtual computing environments;

we resulted in changing the design to better allow IT administrators to pre-set these iManage 10 connector options to avoid this issue

when users change local profiles at the system.

so we designed in fixpack 7 (and higher releases for Power PDF 4.1) a new option to store these settings in the registry.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00





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This released fixpack is a cumulative software updates to install, and this will update the software to target the design change. 


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Power PDF 4.1 ADV Windows  


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Article # 3047432