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Where are users saved signatures stored in power PDF?

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We are looking to migrate the user to new versions of power PDF after running older releases;

However, we want to make sure that all the hand -written signatures that have been added to Power PDF in current user profiles

are moved over as is, to the new systems for multiple profiles




Power PDF stores any of the users signatures that are handwritten in one folder within a PDF file, and this can be copied from one workstation/profile as they migrate systems.

First, open up power PDF and confirm that under security -> handwritten signatures - manage; that the user see's signatures and one default added when looking at the list.


Next, close Power PDF and then check the settings folder below and copy signature.pdf outside that you will find at this path:



Now you can incorporate these into a script to ensure they are moved with the users new power PDF install completed, so they are ready to use and available.



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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Power PDF 4.0 Advanced Windows  
Power PDF  4.1 Advanced Windows  


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Article # 3047494