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Power PDF IManage 10 Connection error 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name'

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When installing power PDF and selecting the imanage 10 connector and trying to connect to the Imanage server address,

instead of showing green with the user name connected- instead it shows error 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name'


Screenshot of message




This error indicates that the iManage server returned a login error, when authenticating with Power PDF and since iManage can use a V2 Universal Rest API and sends a request to the server to connect.  The reason this fails is that the server is missing an 'application' that enables the correct V2 side API that power PDF is asking to handshake and connect with natively and then the token for authentication is set.  


To resolve this, follow the Network Installation Guide Page 57/58 which lay out the steps and place the correct values at the iManage control centre, and when everything is configured then ensure to enable the application and allow the refresh token to activate so that powerPDF can natively use Oauth2 and the Credential cache setting so it can allow single sign on to function on a consistent basis when documents are opened from imanage to work on the checked out PDF.


Here is a link to the steps to follow:


After setting this try again to connect with power PDF and the error should not appear again.


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Power PDF 4.1 RTM Windows  


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Article # 3042264