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When checking out an PDF document from eDocs into power PDF, User cannot save a new version with changes

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When checking out an PDF document from eDocs DM then into power PDF, User cannot save a new version with changes of the same document.

they find they are forced to save this as a new document in DM - which only occurs in power PDF.


The same issue does not occur when reviewing the workflow, if the user opens first power PDF - uses connectors eDocs to open the same document

and then make changes, because when saving the prompt appears below which allows to save a new version or replace the original version below


save as dms.JPG



The expectation and correct behavor when checking out a PDF document from edocs DM, the same save-as options should be presented as this screenshot.

it should also light up the document properties in power PDF when an existing dm document is opened.

This issue and scenario above is caused by the eDocs server not being correctly configured.



Please open eDocs library maintenance and set up to configure a 'launch method' exclusive to power PDF which sets the integration settings.

to resolve this all we need to do is ensure on the eDocs server in the application launch settings that the integration is set to "Full Integration" rather than no integration and then apply and close this.

DDE is disabled in the Integration and should remain blank.


The following is a screenshot of power PDF 3.1 configured, which you will notice for the location it is set to "NUANCEPDF.exe" 

Note: *this must be "POWERPDF.exe" for our later kofax versions of power PDF 4.0, 4.1 and 5.x and beyond


31 example of launch method.png


Once you set this, it reflects down on the user workstation when dm is restarted, and the issue should be resolved.

If you require further assistance please refer to OpenText resources for the server configuration; then raise a new support ticket with Power PDF technical support


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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Power PDF 3.1 ADV Windows  
Power PDF 4.x ADV Windows  
Power PDF 5.x ADV Windows  


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Article # 3048266
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