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iManage PDF's shared from Power PDF use the document number instead of the document name

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Checked out documents from iManage shared from inside Power PDF to email, use the document number instead of the document name when attached


This appears to be introduced in power PDF 4.1, where users have discovered an issue when emailing an iManage document checked out through Power PDF's file > share > e-mail option (or clicking email in the quick access toolbar)

Next a message appears which automatically attaches the PDF to a new email using the document number instead of the document name.  


This issue actually was introduced in power PDF 4.1 with the com API because in prior versions of PowerPDF, all of the way until version 4.1 if you used our iManage work connector and then checked out a PDF to an appdata %temp% path, we had the power to name the document different when it is shared from imanage (file -> share -> email )



Kofax development was contacted and confirmed this workaround that can be applied to all users via two lines added to an configuration file will return the functionality to work as user expected from the older releases, follow the below steps with power PDF closed and the iManage client Filesite or Desksite.

Create: C:\ProgramData\Kofax\PDFProDMS.ini

Add the two lines in notepad and save this




Then open a document from the imanage connector and then click on File -> Share -> email - Whole document.

Now instead of seeing the document number only, the shared PDF document will display the document title .pdf within its attachment.

This ini file can be pushed out to all classic client imanage users via GPO or batch file


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Kofax Power PDF 4.1 ADV Windows  


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Article # 3045854