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How to request features and new options to be added to kofax Power PDF in future versions

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I am a power PDF user and looking to send a request of new features and options that power PDF currently does not have

what do I do next?


Find your answer in Help Documentation and Tutorials 

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  • All Help and Documentation is located under the Help/Online Help menu

  • How To's are located at: HOW TO USE KOFAX POWER PDF

  • Release Notes are on the installation media/download that you complete from the software delivery portal

  • Check out the most frequent questions in the Kofax Knowledge Base which may help address your query.


Still did not find an answer?  Want to improve on our product with a suggestion ->


If you have a Portal account, please click here to move to the Portal Login page. 

Use this link to submit a Case to Kofax Technical Support, please go to the Power PDF Support Request Form,

make sure that your question is thoroughly described and submit the form.

Next kofax reviews and approves these enhancements and feature requests and you will be contacted by our team and we may collect screenshots and/or workflow videos to better illustrate the feature set you are looking for and we will sent this off to the product management team.



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Power PDF ALL ADV Windows  
Power PDF ALL   MAC OS  


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Article # 3047436
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