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Power PDF 3 - What is the latest version?

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The current releases of Power PDF 3 are as follows:


The latest release of Power PDF 3 is version 3.1
RTM build: 19277.100

Hotfix: HF31-19611.900-Adv

Note: An active Maintenance and Support (M&S) contract is required to obtain hotfixes.  Power PDF downloads are available via site.  Please reach out to Kofax Support and provide the Product license key if downloads aren't available on the site.


Cumulative Hotfix for Kofax Power PDF 3.1 Advanced

The hotfix can be applied to the following builds of the Power PDF Advanced 3.1 product:

  • Kofax Power PDF Advanced 3.1 NonVolume - 19277.100 (SRO: PO-1576-830) "EFGDISWABTMJKPRYZNCH"
  • Kofax Power PDF Advanced 3.1 Volume - 19277.100 (SRO: PO-1577-830) "EFGDISWABTMJKPRYZNCH"
  • Kofax Power PDF Advanced 3.1 NFR - 19277.100 (SRO: PO-1581-830) "EFGDISWABTMJKPRYZNCH"

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19611.900-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • Bugfix of slow opening of documents from Worldox
  • Bugfix of saving to iManage with the Spanish acute accent character ��� in the filename
  • Bugfix of the issue when bates stamping was removing image stamped signatures
  • Bugfix of not consistently applied redactions in specific PDF documents

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19603.100-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • Bugfix when creating certain type Hyperlinks.
  • Bugfix for renaming files in Portfolio.
  • Bugfixes for certain file specific issues.
  • Bugfix in Docusign LTV validation.
  • Bugfix of inserted extra spaces between words during copying edited text.
  • Bugfixes in visualisation of signature images.

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19569.100-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • This hotfix updates our underlying technology layer (CSDK), and contains numerous conversion bugfixes into different Office outputs

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19561.1200-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • Bugfix in iManage10 conector: For the issue when Power PDF was unable to checkin a document to a server without "Unlock" permission
  • Bugfix for the slowdown issue when editing the header and footer of a document

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19555.100-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • Improved rendering of specific PDF documents and forms
  • Improved rendering of printed documents
  • Improved performance of opening a specific PDF documents
  • Implemented possibility to customize the IE Viewer toolbar
  • Bugfix: all type of E-mail addresses are recognized correctly

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19525.100-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • All dependencies related to the NUANCE.COM domain are updated with the appropriate KOFAX.COM links.

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19524.1000-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • Bugfixes in iManage connector (the issues when saving as a new document, incorrect default file name)
  • Bugfixes in Mail Archiving feature (the attachments issue, append issue)
  • Improved quality of the printings of the virtual Power PDF printer.
  • Refined error message when user is using expired password to sign documents
  • Bugfix when converting Doc to PDF using eDOCS
  • Bugfixes in rendering (in certain cases "�" and "$" characters were not properly displayed, issue of too small fonts)
  • Added ability to switch back to the old type "Edit Object" feature, like it was in 2.1

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19509.1000-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • Bugfix for the "License could not be checked" issue
  • Bugfixes in the Redact feature
  • Improvements in the Edit Text feature

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19503.1000-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • ENHANCEMENT: A new "Encrypt" command have been added to the Sequencer, to make possible batch protection of documents.

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19477.100-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • Performance improvenemts while editing the header and footer of a complex PDF file
  • Bugfix of losing bookmarks for documents generated with ""
  • Bugfix in the SharePoint connector (umlaut chars in filenames on Windows 7)
  • Bugfixes in iManage connector
  • Bugfixes in eDocs connector
  • Bugfixes related to printing

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19463.100-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • Bugfix of saving to iManage when a document is locked as a Declared Record
  • Various bugfixes related to printing
  • Improved performance of opening and rendering large PDF files
  • Improved stability of the Power PDF in general
  • Other smaller improvements in rendering of PDFs
  • Bugfix of broken Bookmark links after merging PDFs
  • Bugfix of incorrect language information when saving as Kofax PDF from Word with mixed content
  • Bugfix of missing images after converting a specific Word document into a PDF using the Power PDF Add-in in MS Word
  • Bugfix of losing Class Type and Security information when saving to iManage

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19455.100-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • Improved performance of loading and rendering of certain pdf files.
  • Improved performance of printing of certain pdf files.
  • Improved stability of the application.
  • Improved handling of XFA forms.
  • Bugfix in iManage connector (the issue of saving giant files).
  • Fixed the issus of watermarking on 64 bit systems (this have been broken in hotfixe 19405).

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19426.100-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • Improved handling of XFA forms.
  • Bugfix in execution of certain JavaScripts.

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19415.1600-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • Enhancement: Improved tagging, added tagging of form elements.

  • Bugfix in the SharePoint connector, in certain cases the Libraries were not accessible.

  • Bugfix in the SharePoint connector, SharePoint locations mapped as a local drive were not accessible.

  • Bugfix that there was no notification when the user was trying to use an expired password while signing.

  • Several bugfix related to tabbed veiw.

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19405.1800-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • Many improvements in rendering and handling XFA forms

  • Improved handling of digital signatures

  • Improved handling of links that comes form a Word document (umlaut characters)

  • Bugfix of saving to iManage when a document is locked as a Declared Record

  • Bugfix when processing multiple doocuments by the Create Assistant

  • Bugfix that in localized environments the UI of iManage 10 appeared in English

  • Bugfix of freezing Power PDF when filling in certain Adobe LiveCycle forms

  • Bugfix that Bookmarks couldn't point to a different document within a portfolio

  • Bugfix of multiline hyperlinks

  • Bugfix of missing words in the list when Search and Redact

  • Bugfix when in certain cases the physical prints could be shrinked

  • Bugfix of incorrectly printed characters of an embedded font when a similar font was also installed to the machine

  • Bugfix that Bookmarks couldn't point to a different document within a portfolio

  • Bugfix of rendering certain Radio Buttons

  • Bugfix of multiline hyperlinks

  • Bugfix that file dimensions may differ in diffrent versions of Power PDF (2.1 vs 3.1)

  • Minor bugfixes of UI related issues (Toolbar panels, Edit text feature, Search and Redact)

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19369.800-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • OOS: BITBW - Preserve meta data. Word to PDF and back to Word.

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19362.100-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • Bugfix of the issue when some images could appear as black rectangles.

  • Improved error message, when comapring too big documents. The message is much more detailed now, instead of simple "Out of memory".

  • Fixed an issue that in certain cases random characters could appear in the title.

  • Bugfix of the issue that Create Assistant was creating outputs with version 2.5 instead of 2.0.

Issues fixed in hotfix "HF31-19354.100-Adv"


Changes in hotfix:
  • Improved the automated tagging procedure

  • Bugfix in Archive mail feature

  • Bugfix of wrong editime while checking-in to iManage

  • Bugfix of disappearing iManage connector in certain environments

  • Improved performance of loading files from mapped network shares

  • Bugfix of improper handling of files with multiple dots in the name

  • Bugfix in removing the TMP attribute from resulting files

  • Bugfix while converting a PDF opened from an Outlook email attachemnt

  • Bugfix that files won't open from a subfolder of a redirected folder

  • Bugfix of too big string in digital signatures of a PDF/A files

  • Improved Search and Redact feature

  • Bugfix in drawing arrows for "Callout" boxes

  • Bugfix of Tabbed View, now possible to merge after splitting

  • Improved Edit Text feature, document font is used instead of the default one when adding new text

  • Bugfix that last comment wasn't entirey visible in the Comments Pane

  • Bugfix that "Automatically rotate and center" option was missing for certain Zoom options in the printer driver

  • Improved validation of digital signatures

  • Improved OCR options for certain cases when converting PDF files to MS Word format

  • Bugfix in renaming layers

  • Bugfix that for cloned Text Fields the newly typed text was invisible

  • Bugfix that for cloned Combo Boxes it was impossible to select items

  • Bugfix in the Read Aloud feature, that a disturbing noise was added to the last 5-10 seconds of mp3 files