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Date and Time on Dynamic Stamps not updating

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When a user places a Dynamic Stamp, Power PDF defaults to the date of 9/18/09. This is displayed on the Stamp, instead of the current date/time. If a custom Dynamic Stamp is created and used, the Stamp would only show the date the Stamp was initially created. Neither would change to show the date/time the Stamp was placed on the document as it should.


This issue can be caused by copying folders and files to the user’s Power PDF Roaming profile before Power PDF can create the folders, upon the initial launch of the program. An example is a custom installation script that copies the files before a user can perform the initial opening of the program, which is when Power PDF creates the Roaming Profile folders.

In addition, this can be caused if Javascript is turned off in Power PDF, since these dynamic stamps require the use of Javascript.


The issue can be resolved by renaming the user’s Roaming folder: %appdata%\Kofax\PDF. This allows Power PDF to create the needed Roaming Profile folders and files upon the next launch of the program. 

To check if  the issue is caused by Javascript being disabled:  check the setting in Power PDF

Navigate to File -> Options -> Javascript -> [x] Enable Javascript in Power PDF

If turned off, this is the cause of the issue. You will need to close and reopen Power PDF to ensure it takes effect when enabling java before trying a dynamic stamp again.

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Power PDF 4.X All Windows  

Article # 3031739