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PDF - Unable to access mapped network drives from an application

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Unable to access mapped network drives from an application


Using any application and trying to browse to a mapped drive you discover that the mapped drives are not showing in the application.  Using windows explorer the drives show up as expected.


If an application in windows is set to "Run as Administrator" or also termed "running elevated", windows might disable all external Drive mappings for that application.  Since windows explorer always runs as the standard user, it always displays network drives.  If you disable the flag for run as administrator, the drives will appear again. 

Or you can do the below:

There is a way to force Windows to make the network drives available to both the standard and administrator accounts automatically. All you need to do is run Registry Editor (regedit.exe), locate the following key:


and create a new DWORD entry with the name EnableLinkedConnections and value 1: