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PowerPDF - Document converts to strange characters when you converted to editable document

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Problem Statement:

PDF Document converts to strange characters when converted to editable document


This can happen when the original is a very rare type of non-standard formatted document.  This issue is because this file contains fonts with "non-standard encoding".  A program without OCR cannot recognize the correct character codes, which is why converting the document to an Editable document shows strange characters.  Adobe Acrobat has the same issues with this document.

Here is a workaround to enable you to edit documents like this:

From the HOME tab, click on "Make PDF Searchable" and select "Make PDF Searchable".

In the Convert Pages Window, click on Settings.

Uncheck Keep original images if it is checked.

Under Process Pages, uncheck "Process documents using OCR" and check "Recognize non-standard encoded pages".  It should look like the attached screenshot, "Searchable PDF Conversion Settings.png"

Click "OK" to save the settings and then click "OK" again to process the document.

Now you should be able to select the "Edit" tab, "Convert to Editable", "Document" and "Convert" and it will create a legible editable document.



Searchable PDF Conversion Settings.png (61 KB)