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Power PDF 4.0 design change with document assembly workflows involving excel pages when inserting to an open PDF

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Clients deploying Power PDF 4 for the first time as seeing the behavior and have asked the question, since Users noticed when dragging a xls into an open Power PDF window we now maintaining the page dimensions when converting an excel page into a PDF which previously they would scale to the page size within open PDF had within it and merge the page to the document.  



The workflows that used to work in document assembly mode in power PDF 3.1 and below versions to add pages. the actual change was older versions would autoscale page size by default


Power PDF new version release introduced a change in the default handling of pages in source documents with different dimensions when adding to Power PDF in document assembly mode.

This article describes the advantages now this means that our product maintains the page dimensions of the source input file when adding them. This design change in our software did generate a few calls of assistance so we confirmed with development that this has been made to improve and align our product with other competitors and maintain the page integrity when converting documents to PDF files using Kofax Power PDF 4.x


This design change is documented as well in the help documentation for document assembly workflows


Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Power PDF  4.0   Windows, Microsoft office integration enabled  


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Article # 3032810
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