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Unable to convert PDF to office word or excel using Power PDF

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Specific users report being unable to convert an open PDF to a word document using the power PDF ribbon or

adding a PDF to the Convert assistant application is failing to convert.


When completed the workflow you will notice the output word docx pages will appear blank after conversion.



Corrupted omnipage CSDK license file stored in the following location: 

C:\ProgramData\OmniPage\License Manager\



If all attempts fail at conversion from PDF to office document, this will not resolved by a complete uninstall and reinstall of the product,

because the location in Programdata is not removed or cleared so the corrupted license remains active.


Kofax support confirmed the below mentioned steps resolved the issue:

  1. Close all the Power PDF applications and batch converter utilities such as the watched folder. 
  2. Go to "C:\ProgramData\OmniPage\License Manager\"
  3. Take a backup of the OPLicOEM.lic file, in case it needs to be reviewed by our support team and delete it
  4. Now, open the Power PDF application, and see if a new OPLicOEM.lic file gets recreated in that location
  5. After that, try to convert the Power PDF document to Word or office type document.


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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Power PDF 3.1 Enterprise Volume Windows  
Kofax Power PDF 4.0 Enterprise Volume Windows  
Kofax Power PDF 4.1 Enterprise Volume Windows  


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Article # 3033982