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Unable to preview PDF files in Windows 10 Explorer or inside MS Outlook with Power PDF 4.1

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Unable to preview PDF files in Windows 10 Explorer or MS Outlook with Power PDF 4.1



This can happen if the necessary registry keys were not generated when Power PDF was installed.  Sometimes windows security prevents our software from modifying the registry during the installation because of the default becoming reset to Microsoft Edge. The resolution is to manually create the necessary registry keys or reinstall powerPDF to allow the setup to repush the values

Attached is a .reg file that creates the necessary registry keys for v4.1 

Please note that this file contains the path to the installation folder for Power PDF in two places and it may need to be modified to match the path if it was customized when power PDF was deployed.  Be sure the path matches the system on which you are using this file and then double click to run this


Installation Instructions - click to download

PPDF 4.1 preview.txt

The file attached has a .txt at the end so it can be edited and emailed - remove this extension and rename txt to .reg and then click on the file to merge it into the registry of the workstation. Once the registry file is loaded, open taskmanager and restart Windows Explorer.  The previews should be working now.



DISCLAIMER: Edit the Registry at your own risk. Inappropriate changes to the Windows Registry can disable the operating system!

To safeguard against such an accident, we recommend that you back up your existing registry by choosing Registry » Export Registry File after launching the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and before making any changes in efforts to resolve this issue.

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Article # 3047421
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