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Configure a Safecom Controller on a network without DHCP server

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How do I access and configure a SafeCom 2-Port-Controller when the IP. adr. is unknown and access to DHCP server is not possible, or DHCP server is unable to assign an IP. adr. to a SafeCom Controller.


The trick is to have a computer located on the same subnet as the SafeCom Controller, and know of a vacant IP. adr. in that subnet.

Then manually fool your computer into accepting that the MAC. adr. of the SafeCom Controller has been assigned the vacant IP. adr.

That will allow for you to access the webpage of the SafeCom Controller from your Computer using a local Internet Browser, and then assign a correct fixed IP. adr. and complete the installation.

See detailed steps in the attached document: 


How to configure a Controller on a network without DHCP server.doc (151 KB)

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