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Warning message appears, when installing SafeCom G4 520.12 or higher with Advanced settings

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A warning message appears under the SafeCom G4 setup, under section "Select prefered SQL Server, then click next".


The SQL Server : field should be one of the following: - 

  1. For an SQL Server using the default instance name, use <COMPUTER_NAME> .i.e. = MSSQL2019
  2. For an SQL Server using an instance name, use <COMPUETR_NAME\SQL_INSTANCE_NAME> .i.e. MSSQL2019\G452012

For both option you are presented with a warning screen "Cannot connect to "\\MSSQL2019" or "\\MSSQL2019\G452012", please ignore this and click on "Yes" to continue.

This issue has been resolved in G4 10.6

Applies to:  

Product Version

G4 520.

G4 530.0.x.x


Article # 3045646
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