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Recreate fresh databases for SafeCom Single / Primary server

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How to recreate fresh databases for SafeCom Single / Primary server.

This steps may be required if you want to prevent an uninstallation or have a corrupt database.

Please note: This will clear all the data within the SafeCom databases. If you don't have a backup you won't be able to restore the data again.

On SafeCom Multiserver additional steps may be required if you want to delete the databases on the Secondary Servers.

This also requires the SQL Server Management Studio which will need to be the same version to what SQL Server/SQL Express has been installed.

You will also need to get the SQL "safecom" users password, this can be acquired from Kofax Support.      

Follow these steps to recreate the database's

  1. Backup the license key for the SafeCom solution.
  2. Stop the SafeCom Server service.
  3. Using SQL Management Studio, login to the SQL instance e.g.: "Computer_Name\" as the SQL "safecom" user.
  4. Delete the four SafeCom databases "scCore", "scEvent", "scPurse" & "scTracking" so for each time you delete please put a tick in the "Close existing connections" before clicking on "OK".
  5. When all four SafeCom Database has been deleted, start the SafeCom Server service.
  6. The SafeCom Server will re-create the four databases, now you have a clean server.
  7. Login to the SafeCom Administrator Console as "ADMIN" using the default password "nimda".