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Do not install SafeCom Print Client and SafeCom Server on the same Windows server

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After installing SafeCom Print client and restarting the Windows server, the SafeCom service does not start up correctly.
In SafeCom Administrator an access denied is received each time when tring to login with the correct admin user and password.

When looking in the jobserver(1).trc trace file following error is seen:

Fri Jan 10 14:32:06.203; tid:01540> Initializing Server Layer..
Fri Jan 10 14:32:06.203; tid:01540> Bind Trying Port 7700 10048
Fri Jan 10 14:32:06.203; tid:01540> Destroying server
Fri Jan 10 14:32:06.203; tid:01540> Error: CGenericServer::CreateTCPServer, TCPIP failure (no available ports, sockets etc.)
Fri Jan 10 14:32:06.203; tid:01540> StartServer, Could not start JDB server


The problem is that when both SafeCom Print client AND SafeCom Server is installed on the same windows server, then during startup, the SafeCom Print client reserves TCP port 7700 for itself.

The means that when the SafeCom server is starting up its processes, and tries to make a jobserver connection to its own database on TCP port 7700, then this is not possible, as the Print client has already reserved TCP port 7700.

So please do not install SafeCom Print client on the Same Server where SafeCom Server is installed.


To fix the problem, uninstall SafeCom Print client, and restart the Windows server.

Often SafeCom Print client gets mixed up with SafeCom Appliction print. So if the intention was to create a SafeCom Server with a shared printerqueue with popup dialogues on the users workstaion, then please install SafeCom Application Print on the server where the shared printerqueue is installed. Not Print client.

SafeCom Print client is a mini SafeCom server that offers jobs to be stored locally and envoke popup-messages. SafeCom Print client is only to be installed on workstations or alternatively on printservers with shared printerqueues where SafeCom PULL/PUSH ports or SafeCom server is not already installed.

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