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SafeCom Go HP FS - code sign error after installation when using 3100xxxx.b95 file.

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When installing SafeCom Go HP Futuresmart using the 3100xxxx.b95 file (SHA-1) an error (33.05.18) is received after installation on reboot.
This affects installation with SafeCom Administrator, scDevUtil(Console).exe and through EWS Solution Installer or applications like HP WJA.


On reboot "Skip disk load" gets enabled in device pre-boot menu.
This is required to be disabled:

  1. Boot the device to pre-boot menu. (click on HP logo during boot)
  2. Press the arrow button repeatedly to select "8: Startup Options" and press the "OK" button
  3. In Startup Options check if "3 Skip Disk Load" is ticked.
  4. Press the "OK" button to untick
  5. Then move back to "1: Continue" and press the "OK" button to continue boot up

However it may still result in the device not booting and ending in 33.05.18 error.
If so the only solution is to reload the firmware onto the device. (through a USB key)

When installing SafeCom Go HP Futuresmart using the 3100xxxx.b95 file (SHA-1) the "Extended Signature Verification" needs to be disabled:

  1. Go to EWS of device and login.
  2. Go to "General" -> "Solution Installer"
  3. Disable "Extended Signature Verification"

Otherwise for the installation of SafeCom Go HP Futuresmart the 3120xxxx.b95 (SHA-256) can be used - which doesn't cause this error, when having "Extended Signature Verification" enabled.


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SafeCom Go HP FutureSmart