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Upgrading SafeCom G3 Production Key To G4

How do I upgrade my SafeCom G3 production key to G4?

G3 to G4 upgrades are completed by visiting our Customer Support Portal at

In order to upgrade successfully, you must ensure that:

1. Your current G3 production key has an active maintenance and support date

2. You are providing the most recent G3 production key

Once the above has been confirmed, please navigate to the Customer Support Portal

Click on the link "self-service product upgrade from v3 to v4"

Enter in the most current production key into the blank field

Click on the "upgrade" button.

If the upgrade has gone through successfully, you will receive a new G4 production key which has 1000 ID Devices automatically enabled

If the upgrade does not go through successfully, you will receive an error. If this is the case, you will need to follow up with or create a support incident by visiting and provide all necessary information so that they are able to assist you further.