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ID Controller Password policy

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Question / Problem:

By default, the Kofax ID Controller hardware has a default password of “adm”. As this could be a security concern for customers, it is recommended after configuring the device that the password is changed.

Answer / Solution:

To change the password, the following steps are required.

  1. Login to the Kofax ID Controller web interface at http://ip.address.of.ID.Controller/
  2. Login with the default login.
  3. Click on the Advanced Configuration link.
  4. Click on the Password link.
  5. Enter the old password, and the new password twice.
    • Note: For the password, you can use a combination of uppercase, lowercase, digits, or special characters, however the password should be a maximum of 8 characters.
  6. Click on Save and Continue.
  7. When prompted, restart the ID Controller.

Warning: If the password is misplaced, a support ticket will be required to be logged with Kofax support to reset it. Please provide the MAC address and the serial number of the Kofax ID Controller.



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