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I am not able to delete and disable the safecom trace folder

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Question / Problem:

When attempting to delete the SafeCom_Trace folder, the following message is displayed

The action can't be completed because the file is open

Answer / Solution:

In order to remove the SafeCom_Trace folder, perform the following steps

  1. Stop or close the following applications or services
    • Windows Print Spooler
    • SafeCom Service
    • WWW service
    • SafeCom Reports application
    • SafeCom Mobile Print
    • SafeCom Administrator appliation
    • SafeCom scPopup (Located in the System Tray)
    • dllhost.exe (This will need to be closed through Task Manager)
  2. Delete or rename the SafeCom_Trace folder
  3. Restart the services and applications

Note: dllhost.exe will restart automatically when the other services and applications are started.

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