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SafeCom "Job inaccesible" error shown on device control panel

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Question / Problem:

When trying to print a job on the device, using SafeCom Pull Print, a "Job inaccessible" error is shown on the device control panel and the job is not printed.
Login for the user always works, but only jobs which are stored on a SafeCom print server in the same LAN can be printed, jobs from other servers cause "Job inaccessible".

Answer / Solution:

The SafeCom print server cannot be reached.  Either the required firewall ports are blocked between the device and the SafeCom print server or the SafeCom print server hostname or FQDN cannot be resolved by the device.

Make sure the firewall ports TCP 7500, 7700, 9100 and UDP 5742 allow connections between the device and the print server.

By default SafeCom servers uses the hostname as "server address" within SafeCom Administrators server properties, which is used for the device to contact the server the print job is stored on.  Ensure that DNS is functioning correctly.  If the hostname cannot be resolved by the device the "server address" for each SafeCom server should be changed to have a resolvable FQDN or the IP address for the SafeCom server.