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SafeCom Administrator: Repair Replication gives error 23

When running the "Repair Replication" option on a Slave server within the SafeCom Administrator an error message "error 23" is shown.

The problem can be confirmed by looking into "C:\SafeCom_Trace\JobServerXX.trc" after getting the error message. (The "SafeCom_Trace" directory needs to be created and the "SafeCom Server Service" restarted prior to the reproduce according to the manual).

Then search in the "JobServerXX.trc" for the following text: - "Buffer to small - need 256 bytes".

If you are affected by this problem please open a Support Ticket and ensure to include the SafeCom Server Version and attached the "SafeCom_Trace" files so we can verify this issue.

Once we have verified this we'll be able to supply you a Hot Fix to resolve this issue within the ticket.