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SafeCom G4 520*10: After Installation (using Windows Authentication Setup) login to SafeCom Administrator fails

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When installing SafeCom G4 520*10.239.X with Windows Authentication Setup the login to SafeCom Administrator fails. Error: "Connection error. Login failed!"

SafeCom broadcast for the Server is working, databases are created properly.

However when doing a "Test Server" with SafeCom Administrator following is seen:

Connection job server ... failed!

Connection tracking server ... failed!

Connection money server ... failed!

Additional following error can be seen in the JobServerX.trc:

TLS InitNegotiate error: missing certificate ErrorCode -1


When installing SafeCom G4 520*10 with "windows authentication" TLS encryption may not work.

If the TLS certificate is created by the SafeCom Pull or Push Port (running as SYSTEM) then the SafeCom Service (running as ) won't be able to use that certificate due to insufficient rights, because by default, only the owner and the SYSTEM account can access the private key of a certificate.


In order to create a new TLS certificate please perform following steps:

  • Stop the SafeCom Service
  • Delete the following Key in the registry path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SafeCom\SafeComG4\TLSCert.
  • Start SafeCom Service again.

A new TLSCert key will be created with the proper value and will allow a successful login.

Alternatively please contact Kofax Support to acquire the script to perform these actions.