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SafeCom GO HP FS: After Go installation SafeCom Configuration not visible on EWS

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After installing SafeCom Go HP FS through HP EWS Solution Installer or through SafeCom Administrator the device reboots, but after reboot the SafeCom Info and SafeCom Configuration is not visible on the device EWS. But the SafeCom Go HP FS shows to be installed properly.


The HP FS devices prevents the start of the SafeCom Go HP FS when booting.


Please check following settings in the Pre-Boot mode for the HP FS device:

This will require the MFP to be power cycled and enter the Pre-Boot mode.

Pre-boot mode -> Administrator -> Start Up Options -> then check that the "Skip disk load" does NOT have a "X" next to it.

If this option is checked it would prevent SafeCom GO from loading, so please make sure it is not checked.