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Safecom Go Loading as Safecom P-Go

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Problem Statement:

When installing SafeCom Go it is grabbing a SafeCom P:Go license instead of SafeCom Go license


SafeCom Go will be loaded as P:Go if none of the MFP options are configured to be tracked (for example "Copy" or "Folder" or "Fax" or "Email").
This however has no effect on functionality even through if no P:Go licenses are part of the SafeCom License being in use.

Unless the SafeCom License has Go licenses unused, it can use P:Go license instead.


If a Go license should be used it is required to configure SafeCom to track at least one of the MFP applications (for example "Copy" or "Folder" or "Fax" or "Email").
After initial registration (as Go) the tracking from the MFP application could be removed and it would keep a Go license (even through not being required).


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