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ShareScan 5.0 Canon client and license files

For ShareScan 5.4, 5.2 and 5.1 downloads, please see KB 14887

ShareScan v5.0 SP4 Downloads:

  • v 5.0.40823.0 file for Canon USA (CUSA)  - attached
  • v 5.0.40823.0 file for Canon Europe (CEL)  - attached
  • v 5.0.40603.0 file for Canon Singapore (CSING) - attached
  • v 5.0.40823.0 file for Canon Australia (CAUS)  - attached 
  • v 5.0.40603.0 file for Canon China (CCHI) - attached

ShareScan v5 SP4 Notes:

  • The new v5.0.40823.0 file supports the following devices:
    • 4225/4235/4245/4251
  • Issues addressed are:
    • Placing a document in the ADF before logging in using Dept ID will cause a 180 degree rotation
    • First scan after a device reboot is rotated 180 degrees in Canon Embedded ShareScan
    • Third Party Connector form is empty on Canon MEAP
    • Third Party Connector form starts at unexpected control
  • It is required that ShareScan v5.0 SP4 be installed in order to run 5.0.40823.0 or 5.0.40603.0 Jar files.

General information:

WARNING: Please ensure that users must de-install the previous version of the Canon JAR file prior to installing this new release. Refer to Ask eCopy KB 11633 Uninstalling eCopy ShareScan for MEAP JAR

  • By proceeding with the download and installation of this software you are confirming that this software will only be a) installed on a device associated with a valid eCopy Maintenance and Support Agreement (M&S) or b) used for an initial ShareScan installation. Installing this software in any other environment (with the exception of showrooms or limited term evaluations) constitutes a violation of eCopy's M&S and End User License Agreements.

Please visit the Registration site for ShareScan upgrades.  Products must be properly registered and under current Maintenance & Support (M&S) to qualify for a v5 upgrade.

To learn how to Install and Uninstall JAR files, please download the Installing&Uninstalling Canon MEAP JAR v4 and v5.pdf file.

Previous Jar Version Release Notes:

Device Support Added with 5.0.40603.0

  • ImageRunner Advance 400 & 500 devices

Device Support Added with v5.0.31115.0

  • imageRUNNER Advance C5255/C5250/C5240/C5235
  • imageRUNNER Advance 6275/6265/6255
  • imageRUNNER Advance C2220L/C2220i/C2225i/C2230i
  • imageRUNNER Advance 7260i/7270i/7280i
  • imageRUNNER Advance 8285/8295/8205
  • imageRUNNER Advance 9298 PRO


Installing&Uninstalling Canon MEAP JAR v4 and v5.pdf (467 KB)

CSING (8.3 MB)

CCHI (8.3 MB)

CEL (8.3 MB)

CUSA (8.3 MB) (8.3 MB)