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ShareScan: How to select Connector Access Licenses


What is a ShareScan Connector Access License?

The Connector Access Licenses is a separately purchased add-on connector or extender used to enhance an existing ShareScan implementation. Once purchased, the customer has the ability to select their desired add-on from the list of available Connectors and Extenders. Selection occurs via the eCopy Registration site after registering the Connector Access License.

How to use Connector Access Licenses:

  1. On the registration site log into the account where the primary device license has been registered or create a new account if not already registered.
  2. Register the Connector Access License received from the order fulfillment email message
  3. Once registered, expand the Connector Access License to view the available options for the license.
  4. Beside the desired option select "Request license" from the "Available Actions" drop-down menu
  5. Once requested, the connector license key is shown in the registration site next to the connector and the "Available Actions" drop down menu is removed from the other connectors.
  6. Copy and paste the license key into the Add license form of the ShareScan administration console.

 Common issues with Connector Access Licenses:

  1. Users attempt to add the Connector Access License to ShareScan Administration Console before registering and selecting their desired option.
    • The licensing server does not contain the connector license until the option selected via the Registration Site.
    • Error messages will be received if attempting to Download or Activate the license before it is available on the Activation server.
    • Be sure to register and select the option before proceeding to add the license to ShareScan.
  2. The selection of the Connector Access License is irreversible.
    • Ensure that the implementation option desired is discussed and confirmed before selecting the option via the Registration Site.
    • Pay attention when selecting the connector to ensure that the desired option is selected.
    • Nuance Technical Support highly recommends testing the optional connectors with an Evaluation license prior to selection of the permanent license key in order to ensure functionality is present.
  3. In rare circumstances, the license file generated is not for the selected connector option.
    • The Registration site will reflect the selected option.
    • The ShareScan Administration Console will show this license as a different conenctor or extender.
    • See  for Customer Service Recommendations