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eCopy ShareScan: NetDocuments Connector is now available as an Optional Connector or Connector Access License A selection


The NetDocuments Connector is only available for ShareScan versions 5.4, 6.1, and any other later releases.

How to obtain the NetDocuments Connector when the registration reflects a version prior to 5.4:

  Upgrading the ShareScan, Business Connect, or Connector Access License Type A will add the NetDocuments Connector as an available selection for Enterprise, Suite, Office, and Connector Access License Type A.
  • The license requires active Maintenance & Support in order to be upgraded.
  • It is only possible to upgrade to the latest release version. Version 6.x licenses can be used on a 5.4 system:
  1. Upgrade the ShareScan or Connector Access License to the latest version. See .
  2. Select NetDocuments as the Optional Connector (see ) or Connector Access License selection (see ).
    • If there were other Optional Connectors/Extenders selected on the prior version, they will have to be re-selected. 
      • For Office and Connector Access Type A Licenses only one selection can be made. If another option is chosen NetDocuments will no longer selectable.
      • For Suite up to three Optional Connectors can be chosen. NetDocuments will only be selectable if there is at least one of the three selection choices remaining.
  3. Remove the existing v5 license and related Optional Connectors/Extenders if applicable from the ShareScan Adminstration Console under Licensing.
  4. From the Licensing section of the ShareScan Adminstration Console, apply the ShareScan/Business Connect version upgrade license along with the NetDocuments Connector license, or the upgraded Connector Access License to the ShareScan v5.4 system.