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Controlsuite : How to enable Equitrac Colour Quota and Account Limit messages on Unified Clients

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When there are account limits or colour quota, on attempted print job release, how can messages be shown on the MFD screen?   


Normally, on Unified clients, the print job is simply not printed and no message is shown

To enable messages, Escrow must be switched on in the Equitrac Web Client  

To do this:

Open the Equitrac Web System Manager

Navigate to System Configuration > Global Configuration Settings > Accounting and Quotas > Charging, Limits and Precision

Enable Account limits (choose limits in a charge type not being used e.g, billing codes)

Enable Escrow

Escrow .jpg

Once this is enabled the device will show messages when limits or quotas are breached


Note: If all account charging is in use, Department is the easiest to set as an account limit can be overridden at a department level in AD Sync and in the department editor



Applies to:  

Product Version
Controlsuite 1.x


Article # 3042852
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