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PCC5 : Which Device Registration Service (DRS) is used for different versions of PCC5 / Kofax Unified Client for Ricoh SOP?

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If I am installing, reconfiguring or uninstalling PCC5.x (Kofax Unified Client for Ricoh SOP), what version of Device Registration Service  (DRS) is required? 


There are currently 4 minor versions of PCC5  (Unified Client for Ricoh).

PCC5.0 (Unified Client 1.0)

PCC5.0 requires Device Registration Service 7.10 or below.

PCC5.1 (Unified Client 1.1) and PCC5.2 (Unified Client 1.2)

Both PCC 5.1 and 5.2 require Device Registration Service 7.12 or 7.13 (Equitrac Office 5/Autostore 7/OM4) and versions 8.0 to (ControlSuite).

PCC5.3 (Unified Client 1.3)

PCC5.3 (to be released) requires Device Registration Service 7.14 (to be released) and above (Equitrac Office 5/Autostore 7/OM4) and versions and above (ControlSuite - in Controlsuite 1.3 Fixpack 1 its version naming is


As there is currently no way to download (ControlSuite for Ricoh PCC5, Kofax recommend downloading and installing ControlSuite 1.2 Fixpack 5 version of DRS which is available on the delivery site until further notice (Download and unzip to locate DRS.msi).  

Applies to:  

Product Version
Unified Client for Ricoh  1.x
PCC5 5.x


Article # 3046613
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