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KUC for Toshiba - Logout via hard key

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Problem Statement:

When using Kofax Unified Client for Toshiba with ControlSuite, Equitrac 6, Equitrac Office 5, or Equitrac Express 5, pressing the Logout hard key does not perform a logout.

Possible Cause:

If using SSL, the case of the DWS host name specified in MDSLogin may be different than what is registered in DNS.  Some Toshiba MFP firmware has case sensitivity, requiring the case to match exactly. If the case does not match, logout does not occur.


Toshiba has released MFP firmware which resolves this issue.  Use the version below (or newer).

eBX - T340HD0W1272E

eBN - T410HD0W104F

If the updated firmware is not available, a workaround exists - to make the case of the DWS host name match exactly.  Note that this is only necessary with firmware older than noted above.

  1. Ensure that DWS host name is properly registered in DNS
  2. Use nslookup to determine the host name returned by DNS
  3. Copy the host name returned by the DNS
  4. Open DRS, start the dialog to register the Toshiba device, and paste this value into the "DWS address" field
  5. Register device
  6. Verify that the correct name has been registered, by opening the TopAccess for the device and the DWS address portion of the MDSLogin URL is the same case as was used.