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Konica Minolta Unified Client icon appears as "App" instead of "Kofax UC"

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After deploying the Kofax Unified Client for Konica Minolta, the icon on the MFD shows the text "App" instead of the text "Kofax UC"



On occasion, even after redeployment, the text of the application is not set to the correct string. To correct this, you need to perform the following steps

  1. Log into the Konica Minolta PageScope site on the MFD using your Administrator login for the MFD.
  2. Navigate to System Settings, Registered Application List Setting
    Note: This location may vary dependent on the Device Model/Firmware Version.
  3. Locate the Application name and change it to the desired application name.
  4. Perform a restart of the MFD

Applies to:  

Product Version
ControlSuite 1.2


Article # 3045912